It is a great honor for a youth coach to work together with the Hungarian youth teams. 

I had this honor twice in different time periods. The first period was around the year of 2000 when I was appointed to lead the 1988-89 age group. I could build a great team with these players, many of them became professional players both at national and at international levels. Without mentioning everyone, some of these players were Zoltán Stieber, Krisztián Németh, Attila Filkor, Balázs Farkas, Bence Somodi,  Ádám Vass, Ádám Fekete or Dániel Vadnai.

I have two very important memories with these players. One is when they played bravely in Preston, England in front of 8,000 people against the English Team and the result was a great draw. The other one is when they won the 'Aranykalász' Cup again after 12 years organized in Hungary. It was a great team and an amazing company.

The second period started in 2015 when besides leading the Hungarian coach education I got the responsibility to prepare the 1995 youth team for the U20 World Cup organized in New Zealand. During this period we also had to solve the preparation of the Hungarian U21 team. We started with great enthusiasm and with a serious professional program; which included a training camp in La Manga, Spain. The team was coming together. They played the game prepared and trained by me better and better. However, the German sports director who had arrived in the meantime wanted the spotlight in New Zealand so much that he used all means necessary to achieve that goal. To comply with the firm decision of the Federation, I handed over the team to him along with the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. The following events confirmed that it was not a good decision. Unfortunately my career with the youth teams ended here and I concentrated on the coach education once again. At that time I was not aware of the fact that this German professional had some other plans once again...

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In 2004 I was leading the youth teams in the HFF and at the same time I worked at the Academy of MTK in Agárd. The headcoach of the Hungarian 'A' Team, Lothar Matthaus, was looking for an assistant coach to help his work. Thanks to the recommendations of the Federation and the manager of the 'A' Team, Mr. Matthaus invited me for a meeting. We had talked about football for 3 hours and the next day I received an answer: he chose me to be his assistant coach. 

It was a very exciting and instructive period of time. On a daily basis I could observe the professionalism of a world class football player, while coping with the challenges of the international travels, the trainings and the games of the team. I learned a lot during that time period and the acceptance and acknowledgement of Matthaus meant a lot to me. I participated in 11 games, I saw world class stars up and close and I could learn the newest tricks of players at international games. Our opponents during that time were France, Iceland, Sweden, Argentina, Malta, the Real Madrid, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico and Antigua-Barbuda. 

The contract of Matthaus ended at the end of 2005; which was not resigned by the new leadership of the Federation. Thus, his work as well as my role ended with the Hungarian 'A' Team.